About Us

The Professional Drivers Fitness Association is about helping truck drivers achieve healthy and successful career goals. There is a multitude of diverse special interests in the transportation industry, and not many of them have the driver’s best interests in mind. We are focused solely on you, the driver.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. commercial trucking, with its 3.5 million drivers, takes the top spot for the occupation with the highest obesity prevalence. Because of this, along with other factors like traffic accidents and OTJ injuries, truckers as a group have a lower average life expectancy than the general population—one study put it at just 55.7 years for owner-operator truck drivers in the U.S., and around 63 years of age for union drivers. (The average for the U.S. overall is 78.7 years.)

In 2014, there was a comprehensive FMCSA Study of truck drivers that found six areas of concern regarding the health and wellness of commercial drivers. And those issues continue to be the responsibility of the drivers themselves.

The PDFA wants to change those statistics. Go to any truck stop late in the day and you will see first hand the effects of stress, poor diet, lack of consistent sleep cycles and a sedentary lifestyle on the professional truck driver. It’s almost like watching a scene from The Walking Dead!


The PDFA was founded in 2018 by Steven Daugherty, a professional Class A driver with a career spanning over 13 years and 1 million+ miles in a variety of niches within the trucking industry, as well as a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. He decided to change his training and coaching focus from private individual, group and virtual (online) coaching to working with other professional drivers in 2017.

Steve explains: “I could see what was happening to my fellow drivers as well as experiencing the same challenges they were dealing with. Thankfully, my skills, training and discipline enabled me to meet and overcome those challenges and I wanted to help other drivers do the same. So, to be able to help as many drivers as possible, I decided to create the Professional Drivers Fitness Association.”

The PDFA brings information critical to drivers into one easy to navigate site. No fluff, No B.S. Professional drivers will appreciate how that information is organized within the membership section because they have no time to waste trying to find information scattered all over the internet.

A Professional Drivers Fitness Association membership, which includes our email newsletter and private Facebook group access will provide health, wellness and diet information, workouts, tips, tricks and hacks within easy reach for the elite professional driver.

The information on this page and other health information pages on this site are for general information only. This information is not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. We suggest that you review the information and consult with your own health practitioner for specific information and suggestions concerning your specific health needs.