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Professional drivers in the U.S. have a difficult and mostly underappreciated job. Irregular hours, just-in-time scheduling, limited nutrition & exercise opportunities, multiple stress triggers and limited time at home are just a few of the challenges that seem to be just a part of our job description.

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States today. Now, ask yourself this question:

How will I be able to “stand out” in the crowd and be the healthy, elite professional driver that transportation companies are looking for right now?

Trucking companies today are under pressure from all sides, from DOT, FMCSA and IRS regulations, insurance carriers, industry-specific requirements and their competition in the industry. While the costs associated with these items do rise incrementally, the costs of recruiting, vetting, insuring, training and retaining drivers can rise exponentially depending on the drivers they hire.


For example, the cost of providing health insurance for drivers is never, ever going to go down.

That is reality. So, companies have to control this cost by hiring healthier, more competent drivers and promoting wellness in their entire driver pool.

The Professional Drivers Fitness Association (PDFA) provides access to the latest developments in driver fitness, driver nutrition, driver lifestyle and professional driver development aimed at you, today’s professional driver.
These are things that you can control to a great extent and by doing so will make you more valuable in the driver market and to your family.

Ask a veteran driver and they will tell you that there is more you need to know to survive and prosper on the road than what you were taught just so that you could pass a CDL test.

The transportation industry is the lifeblood of our economy, constantly changing and evolving. And the changes will accelerate as technology advances. You need to have the ability to adapt to those changes to stay in front of the wave. And you, too, will change along the way. The question now is: Will you change for the better or worse?

If you want to change toward a healthy, rewarding future, join the team of elite drivers in the Professional Drivers Fitness Association!

How can the PDFA help a great driver get to the Elite level?

By providing the tools needed to develop mastery in the 4 key elements of a professional driver, which are:

Driver Development

Professional Driver is more than just a title. It means consistently developing the skills, experience, knowledge and customer service needed to get the job done. You are already being held to a higher standard by the DOT, your employer and the motoring public. If you want to raise your standards to the elite level, this is where you continue your education.

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Driver Nutrition

You wouldn’t knowingly put low quality fuel in your expensive vehicle, so why would do that to your priceless body? This section will show you ways to fuel your body for maximum performance and efficiency at home and on the road. By making smart food choices on the road you can make positive changes in your life.

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Driver Fitness

Time is a precious commodity for professional drivers. Maximizing your personal fitness can positively affect your efficiency and extend your career as well as your life. Here is where you will find time-saving, scalable workouts and fitness info designed to adapt to your schedule. Regardless of your ability level you can improve your fitness with these techniques.

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Driver Lifestyle

Balance is the key to a healthy life and a successful career. Physical and psychological fitness benefits not only you but everyone else in your life. Adapting to constantly changing and challenging conditions is an everyday thing for a professional driver. Here is where you will find the information that can help you become your best self.

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